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    ICT Tester for press

    • 產品名稱:ICT Tester for press
    • 產品型號:checksum 12KN
    • 產品廠商:checksum
    • 產品文檔:
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    Dual Level Pneumatic 12KN Test System Higher Throughput delivers Higher Margins. Customers testing in a non-inline environment will find that CheckSum’s 12KN Test System is ideal for in-circuit test. The unique dual-level operation allows for functional testing using the same fixture as in-circuit testing.

    ICT Tester for press

    • Standard Features
    • Small footprint and low-power consumption
    • Built-in dual-level probing for signal isolation 
    • Handles circuit boards up to 61 x 33.5 cm (24 x 13.2 in) with up to 5200 test point capability
    • Ergonomically friendly slide-in fixtures, straight-in and out, top and bottom lock-in for safety
    • CE safety light curtain with ESD protection
    • Designed to integrate with any CheckSum test electronics
    • Product Features:
    •  Standard, dual level probing for ict and isolated Functional Tests with up to 5200? test points
    •  ? No extra cost for standard ICT ? xtures 
    • ? Available TestJet Technology*, Boundary-Scan, and MultiWriter part programming 
    • ? Ergonomically friendly slide-in ? xtures, straightin and out, top and bottom lock-in for safety
      ? Fully-integrated CheckSum test system software environment 

      ? Operator safety light curtain 

      ? Built-in SPC measurement tools; easily integrated into factory data system ? Rapid and smooth press actuation ? Integrated rack/cabinet

      Stimulus Capability
      DC Volts The System has three DC voltage signal sources, each of which can source up from ±10V, and providing up to 10mA of current. These sources are internally sensed.
      Sine Wave The System can provide sine wave output in the range of 100mV to 20Vp-p (7VRMS). The frequency selection range is 1Hz to 50KHz. Sine wave output is UUT groundreferenced and can provide up to 10mA of output.
      Square Wave The System can provide square wave output. The amplitude can be up to ±10V with reference to UUT ground, or can be between two programmable amplitudes each from ±10V, with up to 10mA. The frequency selection range is 1Hz to 50KHz.
      DC Current The System provides two 100mA current sources with programmable voltage. Each source can be programmed to a compliance voltage between ±12V. When used together, the sources can provide up to 24V differentially.
      Digital I/O The standard con? guration of the Analystems+ft  includes 96 digital I/O pins. These pins can be relay-connected to the UUT in byte increments. Within each byte, each pin can be set to be an input (tri-state output) or an output. Since each pin has a 10K? pull-up (in conjunction with totem-pole outputs), it is compatible with most logic families. VCC for output can be selected to be +5V or +3.3V.
      Boundary-Scan The Analystems+ft  can be con? gured with an optional Boundary-Scan test capability. This allows the System to be used with UUTs that have been designed to accommodate boundary-scan, or have on-board devices that support boundary-scan. In addition, boundary scan can be used by some programmable devices to perform in-system programming and program veri? cation.
      MultiWriter ISP System MultiWriter is the ? rst ICT-based ISP system designed from the ground up speci? cally for popular serial-bus programming protocols. MultiWriter solves the productivity bottleneck created by today’s multi-panel boards and large, data-hungry ISP chips. MultiWriter can simultaneously program up to 384 ISP chips at near data-book speeds.
      Other System I/O In addition to the power/stimulus/measurement capabili
      ties already mentioned, the System has a number of other functions available. These options include:
       8 1A Form-C Relay contacts (FUNC-2/PWR-2) 2 +5VDC  1A fused outputs (FUNC-2/PWR-2) 2 +12VDC  1A fused outputs (FUNC-2/PWR-2)  2 –12VDC  0.1A fused outputs (FUNC-2/PWR-2) 16 Bits of Digital I/O / Relay drivers (FUNC-2/PWR-2) 1 Switched ground (PWR-2) 24 1A Form-A Relay contacts (PS-1 option)
      System Switching Topology
      The Analystems+ft offers a ? exible switching topology to minimize custom circuitry and to allow assemblies to be easily programmed.
      The system uses a 400 x 16 solid-state analog bus that allows each test point to be connected to one of 16 places. Each point can be a measure source high, measure source low, measure sense high, measure sense low, guard source, guard sense, or DC/AC signal source. The solidstate matrix provides high speed and reliability for powerdown testing, or for functional testing of points that do not exceed ±12V referenced to the controller chassis.
      Between the UUT and the solid state switching, the system has a relay switch matrix. This can be used to individually isolate any or all of the test points from the UUT during power-up testing. The relay bus is con? gured as a 400 x 2 (plus disconnect) matrix. When in the power-up mode, the relay matrix can be used to source and measure any two test point inputs. This can be used in conjunction with the solid-state matrix for test points with low voltage. The system can measure the voltage of any test point prior to connecting it to the ICT/MDA electronics to ensure that it can be safely connected without damaging the solid state inputs. The system also has a voltage monitoring/discharging function that requires speci? ed UUT test points to be at a safe voltage level before continuing. The system power-up circuit resets the switch matrix to a safe position during power-up.
      Digital test points are available at the ? xture interface blocks. They can be relay-disconnected during powerdown test, then enabled (by byte) during power-up test.
      Power supplies are available at the ? xture interface blocks. They must be relay disconnected during power-down test. This includes the ground signals so that the UUT is fully ? oating.
      There are two special 2x16 relay busses available. One is connected to the 100mA current sources and the other

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